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Vol 5, Issue 2, 2019, Article identifier:228

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Mishbak HH, Cooper G, Bartolo PJ, 2019, Development and Characterization of a Photocurable Alginate Bioink for Three Dimensional Bioprinting. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):189. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.189.

Arab W, Kahin K, Khan Z, Hauser CA, 2019, Exploring Nanofibrous Self-assembling Peptide Hydrogels Using Mouse Myoblast Cells for 3D Bioprinting and Tissue Engineering Applications. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):198. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.198.

Chen YW, Fang HY, Shie MY, Shen YF, 2019, The Mussel-inspired Assisted Apatite Mineralized on Polyjet Material for Artificial Bone Scaffold. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):197. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.197.

Shuai CJ, Yang WJ, Yang YW, Gao CD, He CX, Pan H, 2019, A Continuous Net-like Eutectic Structure Enhances the Corrosion Resistance of Mg alloys. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):207. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.207.

Ghalayini S, Susapto HH, Hall S, Kahin K, Hauser CA, 2019, Assessing the Preparation and Printability of Self-assembling Peptide Nanoparticles. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):239. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.239.

Zhang Y, 2019, 3D-Printing for Microfluidics or the other Around? Int J Bioprint, 5(2):192. DOI 10.18063/IJB.V5I2.192.

Feng F, He JK, Li JX, Mao M, Li DC, 2019, Multi-component

Bioprinting of Heterogeneous Hydrogel Constructs Based on Microfluidic Printheads. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):202. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.202.

Takagi D, Lin W, Matsumoto T, Yaginuma H, Hemmi N, Hatada S, Seo M, 2019, High-precision Three-Dimensional Inkjet Technology for Live Cell Bioprinting. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):208. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.208.

Lenoir L, Segonds F, Nguyen PKA, Pablo B, 2019, A Methodology to Develop a Vascular Geometry for in vitro Cell Culture Using Additive Manufacturing. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):238. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.238.

Fang A, Hao Z, Wang L, Li DC, He JK, Gao L. Mao X, Paz R, 2019, In Vitro Model of the Glial Scar. Int J Bioprint, 5(2):235. DOI 10.18063/ijb.v5i2.235.



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