Special Issue Editors

Prof. Mehrshad Mehrpouya

Guest Editor


University of Twente, The Netherlands


InterestsAdditive Manufacturing; 3D/4D Printing; Functional Materials


Prof. Wei min Huang

Guest Editor


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Interests: Shape Memory Materials and Technology; Sensors and Actuators; 4D Printing


Dear Colleagues

Additive manufacturing (AM) of biomaterials has been developing rapidly in the last two decades. This is due to many benefits in both fabrication techniques, which give unique freedom in customization, and bio-based materials for developing green and sustainable products. Biomaterials currently have a wide range of applications in biomedical engineering, bioimplants, biosensors, packaging industry, etc. The application of functional biomaterials can provide a unique capability to fabricate active products that can transform from one state/shape to another. Therefore, this smart behavior can be applied in the design and manufacturing of products with intended functionalities.

We invite the submission of full-length papers of original research contributions, review papers, and communications that are of high quality, impact, and novelty as well as being interesting for wide audiences of scientific and technological communities. Potential topics for this Special Issue include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The latest developments in functional biomaterials for AM processes;
  • Novel 3D/4D printing techniques and technologies for the fabrication of high-quality biobased products;
  • Theoretical and experimental research, knowledge, and new ideas in design for functional bioproducts using AM technology;
  • Mathematical modeling or numerical simulation to predict/optimize the functionality of AMed biomaterials;
  • Development in characterization methods for AMed biomaterials.


-Additive Manufacturing

-Functional Biomaterials

-3D/4D Printing

-Architectural Design

-Smart biopolymers

-Shape Memory Effect


-Life Cycle Assessment


Deadline: 2023.03.30