Development and Characterisation of a Photocurable Alginate Bioink for 3D Bioprinting

Mishbak H. H, Glen Cooper, Paulo Jorge Da Silva Bartolo

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Vol 5, Issue 2, 2019, Pages

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Alginate is a biocompatible material suitable for biomedical applications, which can be processed under mild conditions upon irradiation.  This paper investigates the preparation and the rheological behaviour of different pre-polymerised and polymerised alginate-methacrylate systems for 3D photopolymerisation bioprinting. The effect of the functionalization time on the mechanical, morphological, swelling and degradation characteristics of crosslinked alginate hydrogel is also discussed.  Alginate was chemically-modified with methacrylate groups and different reaction times considered. Photocurable alginate systems were prepared  by dissolving functionalized alginate with 0.5-1.5% photoinitiator solution and crosslinked by ultraviolet (UV) light (8 mW/cm2).


3D bioprinting, Alginate, Hydrogel, Photopolymerisation

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