Mechanism for corrosion protection of β-TCP reinforced ZK60 via laser rapid solidification

Youwen Deng, Youwen Yang, Chengde Gao, Pei Feng, Wang Guo, Chongxian He, Jian Chen, Cijun Shuai

Article ID: 124
Vol 4, Issue 1, 2018, Article identifier:124

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It remains the primary issue to enhance the corrosion resistance of Mg alloys for their clinical applications. In this study, β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) was composited with Mg-6Zn-1Zr (ZK60) using laser rapid solidification to improve the degradation behavior. Results revealed rapid solidification effectively restrained the aggregation of β-TCP, which thus homogenously distributed along grain boundaries of α-Mg. Significantly, the uniformly distributed β-TCP in the matrix promoted the formation of apatite layer on the surface, which contributed to the formation of a compact corrosion product layer, hence retarding the further degradation. Furthermore, ZK60/8β-TCP (wt. %) composite showed improved mechanical strength, as well as improved cytocompatibility. It was suggested that laser rapidly solidified ZK60/8β-TCP composite might be a potential materials for tissue engineering.


laser rapid solidification; ZK60/β-TCP composite; degradation behavior; microstructure

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